Why Cream Eyeshadow May Be Better Than Powder For Mature Skin

2022-05-28 13:15:18 By : Mr. Shidou Teng

According to Byrdie, as our skin ages, it changes, which means that how we wear makeup should, too. More specifically, how bright or bold our makeup is doesn't need to change, but the formulas we use do. This applies to eyeshadow, too. No matter your age, eye makeup can be a great way to make a statement; you simply have to find the right formulas to suit your changing skin. 

Cream-based eyeshadow vs. powder-based eyeshadow: Which works best for mature skin? Which is easier to apply? Which tends to stay on for longer? All of these questions make choosing the right eyeshadow formula feel like a minefield.

Per Cosmopolitan, cream-based formulas tend to be easier to blend into skin, making them super easy to use for even the newest makeup wearers. Cream eyeshadows are also make your eyes pop without using primer. Cream-based products also tend to have higher levels of pigmentation. For more mature skin, cream-based formulas can work well as they don't tend to sit in fine lines or make these lines more visible like powder-based products sometimes do. Plus, cream-based formulas tend to leave skin looking glowy and fresh.

According to Byrdie, a cream-based eyeshadow formula often creates a smooth texture when packed onto skin, which can be difficult to achieve on more mature skin, particularly when using powder-based formulas. In fact, makeup artist Ashley Rebecca prefers using cream-based formulas on mature skin. She told Byrdie, "I love using cream textures on older women as they appear more hydrating and don't accentuate fine lines around the eyes that powder eyeshadow can at times." Moreover, according to Cosmopolitan, matte powder products can specifically leave your skin — and your finished makeup — looking flat and dull, and the formulas can leave skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Using powder shadows can consequently be a makeup mistake that leaves you looking older.

For more mature skin, cream-based eyeshadows (and cream-based makeup products in general) often tend to be a better option. As detailed by Who What Wear, cream eyeshadows are available at all price points, too, making them just as accessible as powder shadows.