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2022-03-26 07:24:00 By : Mr. Jackie Guo

When it comes to buying an eyeshadow palette, there are several options. 

Many of these palettes come in several shades, giving you more options to choose from.

So before buying your next eyeshadow palette, here are some very helpful tips to help you choose the right one. 

The undertone of your skin complexion determines the palette you should choose. These undertone hues can be yellow, ashen or have a pink tinge. 

You have a COOL undertone if your skin has a blue or pink hue, while yellow, peach or golden hues equals WARM undertones. 

If your skin tone doesn’t fit within either cool or warm, you have neutral undertones. 

So, when choosing an eyeshadow palette, choose one with colours that emphasise your undertone. So, for warm undertones, choose warm golds, oranges and reds to accentuate your skin’s warmth. While blues, greens, and purples match cool undertones, neutrals can experiment with warm or cool shades. 

The more colour and textures options on a palette, the better. Rather than buying one palette with one perfect shade, make sure to find a good mix, so choose a light and dark shade or a neutral palette that includes shimmers. 

When looking at eyeshadow ranges, be sure also to consider their quality. A palette with fewer shades and great pigmentation is much better than one with numerous colours and no quality. So, colour combinations and quality are very important in choosing eyeshadow ranges. 

Nude and smoky eyeshadow palettes are very useful. Nude palettes should include a range of brown, taupe, beige and champagne colours, while the smoky palettes should definitely include black, grey and shimmery shades. 

For beginners, consider using charts and guides to help you make your decision. 

There are very different types of eyeshadows, and here are four of the most popular kinds. 

When next you go shopping for eyeshadow, make sure to follow this guide to make sure you choose the best palette to match your skin undertone.