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Bigg Boss and Honsla Rakh star Shehnaaz Gill manages to win everyone’s hearts, no matter what she does. Her latest makeup look is no different. Created by M.A.C’s makeup artist, Sonic Sarwate, this beautiful eye look is definitely worth learning to recreate. So, here’s how you can do it, but without spending a lot!

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Shehnaaz’s eye makeup was all about elongating the eyes and making them look longer.

She was rocking a smokey eyeliner that was winged upwards and then blended to soften the edges, preventing the liner from looking too stark.

Her fluttery lashes were tapered and winged, making them longer at the outer corners, adding to that winged and elongated effect.

The inner corners were highlighted with a pale, shimmery eyeshadow, giving the illusion of more space between the eyes, causing the eyes to look more wide-set.

All about that I-just-woke-up, feathery lash look, this is a great date night eye makeup style to try.

Use an eye primer or your favourite concealer to create an even base on the eyelids. Then, use a neutral brown eyeshadow on the outer corners and crease of the eyelids, creating a ‘<’ shape. Apply the shadow on the lower lashline as well like an eyeliner, and soften the edges with your finger tips.

iDiva Loves: The Kay Beauty Matte Eyeshadow Stick Pencil in Glory (Rs 599) is an eyeshadow crayon that you can blend easily with your fingertips for this look.

To create that smokey eyeliner effect, sharpen a matte black kajal and apply it on the upper lashline, leaving the inner corners blank. Thicken the line towards the outer corners, and wing out the liner upwards on the outer corners.

Now, take a pencil brush or the smudging tool at the other end of the eyeliner, to smoke out and diffuse the edge of the eyeliner, especially towards the outer corners. Once that’s done, reapply a bit of the kajal on the base of the lashes, to darken any parts which might have become duller when you smoked out the lashline.

iDiva Loves: The Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Kajal in Just Black (Rs 695) is perfect for smokey eyeliner looks. It comes with a smudging tool you can use for the purpose as well, negating the need for a separate smudging brush.

To get Shehnaaz’s glowing inner-corner highlight, you need a shimmery neutral or cool-toned eyeshadow with a pink shift, as her shimmer shadow has a rosy tinge to it but isn’t too golden. Take it on your little finger and apply it on the inner corner, but stop short of the centre of the eyelid. Blend out the edges with your index finger for a softer look.

iDiva Loves:The Pigment Play Iridescent Loose Pigment in Pink Stars (Rs 495) might look really white in the pot, but when applied on the eyelids, it has that pinkish sheen Shehnaaz’s shadow does.

To get Shehnaaz’s fluttery lash look, you obviously need to curl your lashes and use a mascara that makes your lashes look separated and fluffy yet long. You also need a set of falsies which are winged and longer towards the outer corners of the eyes.

iDiva Loves:The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara (Rs 395) is a gorgeous affordable mascara perfect for giving the lashes a long, voluminous, and lifted look.

iDiva Loves:The Rufa Beauty Aurora Lashes (Rs 799) are amazing for a long and fluttery eyelash look that give the eyes that elongated, winged vibe.

So, are you going to try recreating Shehnaaz’s gorgeous eye look? Tell us how it turned out in the comments!

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