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2022-03-26 07:24:17 By : Ms. Lanny Dai

Whether multi-shade palettes or single hues, eye shadows have long been intimidating to most. But with the plethora of great options and formulations available, it seems a shame not to experiment. We have been conditioned to only consider one way to wear eye shadow – shading, blending, etc – but let’s throw out the rulebook. Get yourself a thin brush, dip it into your eye colour of choice (metallic if you are feeling bold) and simply draw on your required shape. Team with bushy brows, barely there lips, skin and lashes – and voilà! The modern way to go for gold.

1. Revitalash Lash and Brow Mask £40, 2. Violette FR Yeux Paint Liquid Eye Shadow £27, 3. Clinique Zero Gravity High Impact Mascara £22, 4. Hermès Plein Air £65, 5. Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Hydrating Balm Gloss £24,

Recently, I had a conversation that made me realise what a brilliant invention shower oils are. We were discussing how much, in recent times, the act of bathing has become even less about cleansing (has it ever been about cleansing?) and more about shutting out the world’s ills as you soak off the debris of the day. Using a scented, non-greasy bath oil, brimming with essential oils and herbs that help to de-stress, revive and relax you, elevates the experience. But then we conceded that, of course, on an environmental level, having constant baths is not great. Also, lets face it, baths can be a faff – especially if you’re in a hurry. So why not tap into the wonders of a shower oil? I am completely sold on this and for the following reasons, I think Aromatherapy Associates provide some of the very best shower oils on the market. There are four equally desirable options. ‘Rose’ – very uplifting – is a floral lover’s dream. ‘Muscle’, as you’ve guessed, is great for aches and pains. ‘De-stress’ is the one you reach for when you’ve had a crap day. ‘Revive’ – a blend of rosemary and grapefruit – is the perfect response to lethargy. They all smell exquisite and fill your bathroom with an aroma that transports you to a magical spa. The oil-to-milk texture is not gunky, it cleanses properly but gently and leaves skin beautifully hydrated And the price? Well, that really is a no brainer. Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil, £10,

Comfort and joy For anyone with dry, damaged skin, this non-greasy ceramide, amino acids and vitamin-rich balm not only encourages your skin to heal, it also provides instant comfort. Oskia Rest Day Repair Balm, £68,

Help is at hand Excessive non-invasive treatments are never wise. But if you’ve over-indulged, this recovery cream is like a first-aid kit for your skin. Molecular Barrier Recovery Cream Balm, £80,

Top of the class This excellent barrier cream, infused with evening primrose oil, niacinamide and Bader’s TFC8 technology, provides a next-level repair job. Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream, £215,

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