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2022-08-08 04:16:33 By : Ms. Gina Zhao

If you've been anywhere on beauty TikTok, you've probably seen the viral nail style of the moment: Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails. We're obsessed with the subtle, pearl-like sheen of Bieber's go-to manicure, and it's shockingly easy to achieve at home using one unexpected product: eyeshadow. Bieber might have worn this style to the Met Gala, but you don't need a whole glam team to get her look. Nail artist Zola and OPI blessed us with a DIY tutorial, and we're breaking down her video with everything you need for Bieber-approved glazed donut nails in five easy steps.

If you're doing this manicure on natural nails, you'll want a smooth, healthy base for a look as polished as Hailey's. Start by filing and cutting your nails to your desired shape, then go in with a base coat, such as this one from OPI.

After filing your nails, apply a coat of Nail Envy to fill in any grooves and bumps while fortifying your nails with a calcium and protein infusion.

Now that your nails are prepped, you can get started with the first part of Bieber's nail formula: OPI's Funny Bunny.

OPI's classic Funny Bunny polish, a soft white shade, provides the base for Bieber's pearlescent mani. Apply just one coat for her sheer look and allow it to dry completely.

Next, you'll need a tacky layer for the eyeshadow to stick to. You can reuse the Nail Envy or go for the exact polish Zola uses in the tutorial.

After your coat of Funny Bunny is completely dry, apply a layer of this base coat and allow to dry for a minute or so before moving on to the next step.

Now comes the fun part: the eyeshadow! You can use any pearl-finish white eyeshadow you have at home or buy the exact product Zola uses on sale for just $7.

Using an eyeshadow brush or sponge, apply a good dusting of pearl white eyeshadow to the tacky base coat for that signature glazed donut sheen. Be sure not to press down too hard to avoid smudging your polish.

Finally, apply a clear top coat to seal in the eyeshadow, and you're done! 

You can use any top coat you have on hand, but Zola used this gloss that provides up to 11 days of gel-like shine to seal in the manicure. Allow to dry completely to keep smudges and dents at bay!

There you have it! Now go forth and enjoy your stunning Hailey Bieber-inspired glazed donut manicure. If you need any guidance on stocking your at-home nail salon, we've also rounded up some manicure essentials that you can purchase on Amazon.

As a final touch to your manicure, nourish your hands with a hydrating cream. This option from J.R. Watkins comes in three yummy scents: lavender, coconut, and lemon.

The key to any at-home mani is a nail file to smooth and shape your nails. This 12-pack of double-sided files have two grit levels: one for buffing and one for shaping.

This three-piece kit has everything you need for neat nails by trimming away excess cuticle and keeping them pushed back and away from your polish.

After trimming and shaping your cuticles, a blend of vitamin E and jojoba oil promotes strong, healthy nails with an easy-to-use pen applicator.

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