How to Create a Custom Color Palette in CorelDRAW

2022-08-08 04:12:20 By : Ms. Betty Li

Save your favorite colors and access them quickly, no matter what project you're on.

Creating custom color palettes in CorelDRAW allows you to store all the colors or color styles you frequently use. Doing so allows you to access and use it easily in current or future projects. Here is a simple guide on creating your own custom color palette.

Creating a custom color palette is one of many creative ways to use CorelDRAW features. Once your color palette has been created, you can make it appear on the right side of CorelDRAW by clicking on Windows > Color Palettes > Palettes. In the tab on the right, ensure your color palette is checked, and it should appear beside the default color palette in CorelDRAW.

Creating a custom color palette in CorelDRAW means you will always have access to your preferred color shades. Plus, you can create as many custom color palettes as you want.

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