Gemma Chan's Eyeshadow Is Proof Bold Colors Can Work For Everyday

2022-09-24 00:15:56 By : Mr. JACK FU

She looks like a princess.

While Gemma Chan typically skirts cutting-edge trends in favor of a more timeless style, the moments when she does get in on the beauty zeitgeist are unforgettable — and that’s because she always puts her personal stamp on them. Her curtain bangs are longer, rounded, and ethereal; her rhinestone-studded manicures are more of a constellation than a full covering. And, most recently, her take on the gloriously retro blue eyeshadow trend is both sultry and subtle. Gemma Chan’s eyeshadow at the Don’t Worry Darling New York City premiere might not be the shockingly bright blue seen on her similarly stylish peers, but it’s equally stunning and distinctly wearable for everyday life.

Chan’s latest red carpet appearance followed her usual formula: whimsical fabrics, romantic colors, and a soft glam that accentuates her natural radiance. Her Don’t Worry Darling look, though, might be one of her most perfectly executed of all time. Maybe it’s the intensity of attention on the film’s cast and crew, maybe Chan and her team were feeling especially inspired — either way, her pink-blushed cheeks, blue eyeshadow, and tastefully undone braid cut an flawless figure. Joined by co-stars Harry Styles, Nick Kroll, and director Olivia Wilde — lead actor Florence Pugh was conspicuously absent from the screening — Chan shined on-screen and off.

Undoubtedly, though, the centerpiece of Chan’s premiere look is the steely blue eyeshadow peeking out over her fluttery lashes. A slightly deeper tone than her sky-blue Louis Vuitton gown, that darker finish helps the eyeshadow take on a more modern feel. Most of this year’s celebrity blue eyeshadow looks paid direct homage to the ‘60s and ‘70s with a stark, powder blue shade but Chan’s take is more demure and contemporary. Celebrity-favorite makeup artist Hung Vanngo created Chan’s icy look for the evening, showing off her highlighted cheeks, soft pink lipstick, and winged-out eyeshadow on his Instagram.

To complete the gossamer-light fairytale vibe of her premiere look, celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould gave Chan a Rapunzel-style French braid that showed off her warm highlights. Made with the help of always-seamless Luxy Hair extensions, the length, volume, and shape are only amplified. The intentionally distressed nature of the braid plays perfectly off her gown’s shredded feather effect for a storybook feel.

If you’ve yet to get in on the blue eyeshadow trend, make this weekend the weekend. Go for a subtle wash of color like Chan, layer on glitter like Taylor Swift on her latest album cover, go full-on mod like Kendall Jenner, or lean into a rich, opulent blue as seen on Gabrielle Union. With so many blues out there, you’re bound to find one that really speaks to you.